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Finding Jill- Rediscovering myself on the mission field.

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

At the age of 17, after finishing high school, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and spirituality, wondering about the true meaning of life. Opting to study forestry, I was drawn to the adventure in nature and the serenity it offered. As a young thinker brimming with dreams, ideas, and thoughts, I encountered a pivotal moment when I decided to seriously follow God. However, this choice didn't instantly provide all the answers; instead, it opened my eyes to the realization that life held greater depth than my previous understanding of success.

Deeply valuing the human heart and soul, I began to understand the pain people carried and found solace in knowing a loving God offered redemption and healing.

My spiritual journey led me to bible school, where I felt the unmistakable call to the mission field. Arriving in Africa at the age of 24, I worked with a church plant and worked in children's ministry and later founded an orphanage for street boys with just $5,000, which felt like a fortune at the time.

What started as a joyous adventure with these adorable boys soon transformed into a challenging and rewarding experience. As they grew older, their struggles and emotions tested me, leading to countless life lessons and failures, but also witnessing remarkable divine interventions. I became a "Mama" to many, unprepared for the depth of love and responsibility it entailed. From joyous moments like celebrating their achievements to heart-wrenching experiences like supporting them through grief and hospital visits, life on the mission field became a rollercoaster of emotions.

As I ventured further, I preached and taught in various places, connecting with countless souls and sharing both their joys and sorrows. I encountered unforeseen personal hardships as well, but in the midst of it all, I saw God's unwavering faithfulness and my own tremendous growth. Nevertheless, being a minister did not shield me from the unexpected challenges life threw my way.

In 2022, my daughter fell seriously ill with Bacterial Meningitis, leaving her unable to walk properly for a while. This harrowing experience brought me to my breaking point, but through prayer, tears, and therapy, I found healing and realized it was an opportunity for profound personal growth. The journey back to myself has been transformative, as I acknowledge that somewhere along the way, I had lost sight of who I truly was.

Through this blog, I aim to express gratitude to God for His faithfulness and authenticity, sharing my journey as a vessel on an ever-evolving path. While I am not fully there yet, I've come to appreciate the journey itself, rather than solely focusing on the destination.

I am both a missionary and a mother, but I also have dreams and aspirations with God that might never make it to a newsletter or a Facebook post. I invite you to share your own experiences of losing yourself along life's journey or perhaps realizing it for the first time. Let's embark on this path of self-discovery together.

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